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On-site Clinic at Onsite Health

Onsite Health offers various on-site options to suit your needs.

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Mobile Clinics

This is a great option for smaller companies interested in offering their employees an additional health benefit, without adding specialty coverage to their insurance plan or increasing their annual premiums. Companies with fewer than 200 employees who do not have the space for a permanent wellness room can benefit from this option.

Often our mobile clinics are set up in meditation rooms, new mother’s rooms, spare offices or boardrooms that are not being utilized that day. We offer full privacy, with portable screening if needed. Mobile clinics typically host 1-2 specialty practitioners at a time. We take care of all equipment, including delivery, set-up and take-down. Scheduling is completed through the online application. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible, so that employees can enjoy all the benefits without all the hassle.

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Wellness Rooms

This is a perfect option for companies with 250-1000 employees who want to implement on-site care as part of their permanent wellness offering, with minimal upfront investment costs.

Wellness rooms are a permanent version of a smaller clinic, while taking up much less space. Our wellness rooms typically host various practitioners throughout the week. This gives your employees the opportunity to see the provider best suited for the care they need.

Scheduling, payment and check-in are all completed through our online scheduling platform, making the process as easy and convenient for employees as possible.

Wellness Centre

For larger companies with over 1000 employees who want to offer a full suite of services and have the space to launch a wellness clinic to better control their health insurance premiums, this is a next generation option.

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Whatever your company’s employee healthcare goals are, we want to help you achieve them. Contact us today to learn more about our on-site clinics.
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