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Ee Laine Lee

Ee Laine Lee, Physiotherapist


After graduating in December 2003, Ee Laine began her physiotherapy career with a South Australian government organisation for 7 years, providing physiotherapy to various arms within the community, including home therapy, day therapy centres and rehabilitation centres. She moved to Singapore in late 2010 and throughout her time here has done work both in the private practice setting and occasional home-based care.

Ee Laine enjoys all aspects of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, treating a variety of conditions affecting the shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle. She works closely with various orthopaedic surgeons to provide post-operative rehabilitation following shoulder, knee and ankle surgeries. She has a special interest in running-related injuries and enjoy helping runners return to their training/running pain-free.

As a physiotherapist who has helped countless people through their pain journey for almost 20 years, she is truly convinced that all forms of musculoskeletal pain can resolve or reduce in time, given the right knowledge and tools to make it happen. She believes that you never have to live with great pain long-term if you know how to look after your body and give what your body needs.

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