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Sports Massage at Onsite Health

Vera HoSports massage isn’t just for athletes—it’s a technique that is applied in a deep and manipulative way, to help relieve the condition or pain you may have. It can be beneficial for anyone looking to promote muscular health, whether due to a sporting event or muscular tension caused by stress. Our trained massage therapists at Onsite Health are skilled in providing the right massage for your specific needs.

If a major muscle group is tight, it can pull and move the bony structures into incorrect places, which will cause discomfort and affect the way the body moves as a whole structure. Massage can release this tightness to restore proper movement. Massage is also beneficial when combined with other methods, such as physiotherapy and chiropractic.
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What Are the Benefits of Massage on the Body?

Muscular system—helps release the soft tissue tightness, realign scar tissue and reduce muscular spasms

Lymphatic system—helps increase movement of lymph fluid throughout the body

Nervous system—helps increase endorphins, along with the sensory receptors

Skeletal system—reduces soft tissue tension to allow the increase of mobility, and helps reduce the stress on joints

Cardiovascular system—increases blood flow to the soft tissues, removing waste products and increasing oxygen and nutrients to those areas.

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When Should I Get a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is beneficial for anybody at any time in their training regime—pre-event, post-event or at any time in-between. It works at its best as part of a regular routine to help keep muscular tension and imbalances at bay.

A pre-event massage would focus on preparation for an event, creating a sense of readiness. It should be performed at an up-tempo pace. It can be used in conjunction with a person’s warm-up to increase circulation, relax muscles and help joints be more flexible for the event. It’s used to assess and help with any niggles felt.

A post-event massage is focused on recovery. The tempo tends to be a lot slower than pre-event massage. Post-event massage will help increase circulation to reduce muscular tension. The massage will help flush waste products and toxins from the muscles, to reduce the chance of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

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