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Why Increasing Numbers of Onsite Healthcare Clinics are Offering Chiropractic Care

Woman getting adjustedWhether caused by prolonged sitting, stress, obesity, or labor-related factors, lower back pain is a health issue being encountered by rising numbers of people. In the US, the cost of treating lower back pain has exceeded 100 million USD annually and over two-thirds of this cost can be traced to lost wages and decreased employee productivity. The National Association of Worksite Health Centers surveyed ten onsite healthcare providers who operate over 950 onsite clinics. They found that 80% of employers referred to musculoskeletal issues as being among their top cost-drivers. Employers addressing this concern are increasingly turning to chiropractic services.

More and more onsite clinics are offering chiropractic alongside other services such as first-aid training, occupational health classes, and fitness and wellness services. This can decrease the cost of care and mitigate unnecessary opioid prescriptions for neuro-musculoskeletal issues. The desire to remain off opioids is one of the motivations for a growing interest in chiropractic among many populations. I think there is a percentage missing here. “According to the NAWHC survey, XX% of employees had expressed an interest in chiropractic services.” A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that patients receiving chiropractic care for lower back pain were 55% less likely to be prescribed opioid medication than those who weren’t seeing a chiropractor.

Turning to chiropractic care can also save companies a lot of money. The NAWHC survey concluded that while patient satisfaction with chiropractic care is generally high, the costs of such services are frequently lower than other healthcare options for the same conditions.

To a great extent, chiropractors are finding themselves attracted to the onsite environment. Not only does it eliminate the headaches associated with running a clinic, but it also provides the opportunity to work alongside other health practitioners. This cooperative approach can lead to an enhancement in the quality of treatment.

Onsite healthcare is a growing trend. NAWHC estimates that 30% of US employers offer some form of onsite or near-site health services. Chiropractic services are increasingly being included as an indispensable facet of onsite healthcare. The chiropractic approach can lower rates of lower back and other musculoskeletal complications among employee populations, decrease opioid use, and lower associated costs for employers.

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