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Better Health Benefits Produce a Better Workforce

Woman working at deskIt’s often said that many people take better care of their cars than their own bodies. While vehicles get regular oil changes and tune-ups, people often put off regular checkups and beneficial therapies to tend to work or lifestyle demands or simply appreciate other aspects of life. Onsite or in-house health services have the potential to increase the use of health services, bolster the positive effects of preventative health measures, and improve the general wellbeing of employee populations, thus raising morale and boosting productivity.

Numerous studies have revealed that the provision of onsite healthcare can have an efficacious effect on personnel. According to a Cigna study, 40-60% of employees currently using onsite health services do not have a primary care physician. Onsite clinics provide these individuals with low or no-cost, time-efficient services that can result in an improvement in their overall health. Furthermore, employees can benefit from the consistent presence of preventative healthcare in their lives.

Mercer conducted a study through which 58% of surveyed employers reported that onsite health services had successfully mitigated rates of chronic conditions among their employees. According to a National Association of Worksite Health Centers study, 70% of employers claimed that onsite health services had assisted in improving the health of their workforces. Employers looking for the best way to cultivate job satisfaction and lower healthcare costs, while at the same time provide the best wellness services, are increasingly turning to the onsite approach.

Employees appreciate that onsite health services save them time and are often inclined to dedicate those rescued hours to their work effort. According to a study by In-House Physicians, the replacement of offsite services with onsite can save employees 2-4 working hours per visit. A 2016 survey by Paladina Health found that providing onsite services can lower the required time for a doctor’s visit from 150 minutes to just 30 minutes. The Mercer study found that 63% of employers providing onsite health services claimed to have reduced absenteeism.

The provision of onsite wellness services has been shown to boost the frequency with which employees seek and receive healthcare. Such employees benefit from regular care and preventative measures which often boost their drive and morale. Onsite clinics also help to bank hours for employees seeking health and wellness services, thus lowering absenteeism and bolstering productivity. In 2020, a rising number of employers and employment seekers are realizing that health and wealth go hand-in-hand.

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